Sweet Symmetry

This kitchenette, originally designed by Elizabeth fifteen years ago, was in desperate need of a redesign,

all within a strict budget.

The custom-made upper cabinetry made the space difficult to use, so a more open, symmetrical space plan was designed.

By removing the upper cabinets completely, installing new open shelving & adding a centralized wall sconce light allowed for a clean, classic, & much more user-friendly design to take place.

in progress


Client Review 


When we decided to renovate the apartment after my mother vacated it to move closer to my siblings, we knew the existing cabinets just weren’t right but could not imagine what to do. This kitchenette is in the bedroom which was built as a one-room garage apartment with a ¾ bathroom by the original owners of this house nearly 40 years ago as a DIY project.

We renovated and expanded the apartment about 15 years ago, enclosing the kitchenette in floor to ceiling cabinetry.

Elizabeth came to Houston to meet with the contractor, and drew a quick rendering in a few days which helped us communicate exactly what we wanted with the carpenter. Although she was in Austin and we were in Houston the whole build, she worked carefully with us via phone, text, and email, and avoided any miscommunication or delays. She helped us work through

several very different possibilities: from replacing the large, deep cabinets

with smaller, shallower ones, to completely tiling the wall behind the kitchen

counter, to creating a mural, to open shelving. She was very patient and supportive throughout this process, allowing us to make decisions based on her expert suggestions which piqued our imaginations.

Ultimately, she developed this very

creative yet sensible design. She helped me choose materials and was very

helpful and explicit about exactly where I should go and what I should buy. The

apartment looks great, because we followed her advice and she checked in on

every step. I especially like how the three rooms (living, bed, and bath) are now cohesive and functional.

Besides the distance, Elizabeth also had to work within several other constraints:


1. the ADA bathroom with a roll-in

shower is fully tiled in a distinctive blue, so she had to coordinate the

bedroom with this bathroom. She accomplished this by advising us on exactly

what color paint we should use on all the walls.


2. The existing black

under-counter mounted refrigerator, large stainless steel undermounted sink,

and black granite countertop had to stay.


3. The “kitchen” is a mere four

feet from the foot of the bed.


4. The space needs to be flexible

and useful for a variety of purposes. For example, family members and friends

use it when they visit Houston, and we also use it during large parties as a

spillover space because it opens onto the patio.


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