In-Law Suite Makeover

This apartment addition was one space of the remodeling Elizabeth assisted with at her own childhood home as a teenager & is part of the Sweet Symmetry kitchenette redesign project.

By attaching this addition to the existing house a completely ADA accessible In-Law-Suite was created.


After all these years it was in need of a face-lift, so new furniture, flooring, wall paint, window coverings, & art were selected to bring it up to style.

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Client Review 

    This garage apartment was built in the late 70s as a DYI project by the previous owners of this house. It was separate from the main house, taking up two-thirds of the original detached garage, and entry was from the carport, through a short unairconditioned hallway across a breezeway from the back door. With only a window AC/heating unit, a fiberglass-enclosed shower, a kitchen counter with a sink and electrical outlet, the cheapest possible carpet, and a woefully inadequate electrical circuit, the space was so far below the quality of the main house that the appraiser didn’t even include it in his evaluation of the property.


In the early 2000s, we renovated this space as part of a major remodeling of the entire house, transforming it into an attached, almost-ADA accessible apartment intended to accommodate short- and long-term visitors and, eventually, whichever of our aging parents claimed it first. It has its own central HVAC and dedicated electrical circuit. The bathroom is fully ADA, with easily accessible shelving and a roll-in shower. The living room is a large, beautiful space with French doors opening onto the backyard. The bedroom is large and comfortable, and includes a small kitchenette (full-sized sink with garbage disposer, undercounter refrigerator, and countertop cooking appliances}. It has a inside-locking door from the back entry hall of the main house.


My mother lived here for several years, bringing her own furniture but eating all her meals with us in the main house, and when she moved to Round Rock to be nearer my siblings and their children (as well as Elizabeth and one of her brothers) we asked Elizabeth to help us renovate and refresh the apartment. She helped us decide that the flooring and window treatments were fine, but that the bathroom vanity mirror, the paint, and the kitchenette all needed updating. She helped me pick out fresh paint, new furniture for all three rooms, a new bathroom mirror, and paintings (her originals); and completely redesigned the kitchenette. Elizabeth also supported my mother throughout her move, and helped her settle into her new apartment by hanging all her beloved photos and artwork and arranging her own furniture.


The newly designed kitchen in our apartment is beautiful. The space functions well as my husband’s home office, family and friends’ overnight accommodation, and extra room for large parties. I like looking from the kitchen through the utility room, across the entry hall into the bright, airy new living room. Visitors remark on the calm, quiet ambience. The whole apartment looks completely different and new. Elizabeth encouraged us to think carefully about how the space would be used, as to use our imaginations to create solutions within constraints. 

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