Elizabeth J. Fletcher

 •  Born and raised in Houston, Texas, Elizabeth has been an artist and designer her whole life. From doing wood work with her brothers making Pine Wood Derby cars, to building (& later remodeling) her dream doll house with her father, to helping remodel her childhood home & grandparent’s homes as a teen, she has always been creative & hands-on. She moved to Austin, Texas in 2006 to attend The University of Texas at Austin and received her BFA in Visual Art Studies.

During her time at UT, she studied Design abroad in Milan, Italy, where she obtained a wealth of ideas, concepts, designers, & styles.

After graduating she taught art for 5 years, then she decided to pursue her life-long desire to become an Interior Designer.

In early 2018 she earned her BFA in Interior Design from The Art Institute of Austin. From there she began working as an Interior Designer, Project Manager, Sales Associate, & Networker for a General Contractor & Remodeling company, as well as for a local tile company before deciding to open EJF Interior Designs LLC.

She takes great pride in her work, as well as being a wife & mother of a beautiful daughter. She also has two adopted cats, Agate & Micah, & a dog named Louie. 


Elizabeth J.Fletcher, Assoc. AIA

BFA Visual Art Studies

BFA Interior Design

Elizabeth's Vision

 •  My passion for creating seamless, cohesive interiors from “cradle to grave” allow for me to design beautiful, functional spaces that bring clients visions to life.

Elizabeth's Mission

 •  Every morning I like to ask myself, “what kind of impact am I going to make today?”. My mission is to add value to the spaces and lives of all clients.

Elizabeth's Values

 •  Design is where science and art break even. Artist Paul Cezanne once said, “a work of art which did not begin in emotion is not art.” Design is art. Emotions are crucial to perfecting every aspect of a clients dwelling space.

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