Six residential color trends that reflect human touch - by AIA Austin


In 2019, look to colors that soothe, reenergize, and transform homes into spaces for renewal, AIA partner Sherwin-Williams says.


Home is where the heart is—and as everyday life becomes more demanding and complex, new color trends are helping designers transform residential interiors into spaces for renewal.Just as each of us finds inspiration in different ways, so do colors rejuvenate us in different ways.


Some are drawn to the colors of the sky. Others hark to the canyons of the West or the deep forest. Still others seek the familiarity of well-worn leather and metallics or are energized by bursts of passionate colors that demand spontaneity.Here are six ways to use today’s color trends to bring a human touch to residential interiors:Air and sky Atmospheric wisps of color can lift the feeling of a space, creating a sense of openness and wonder. For example, a living room wall in Celestial (SW 6808) blue provides a calming backdrop for a pair of gray flannel chairs and a couch piled with pillows in shades of deep, Endless Sea (SW 9150) blue and soft lavender.Subtle and earthy For some, home is a place where one’s spirits can’t be fenced in.


Consider using a sunbaked clay color, such as Cavern Clay (SW 7701), to create an intimate dining space, set off from a lighter brown living area and Origami White (SW 7636) furniture. Using these subtle, earthy colors reminiscent of the high plains and desert, worn leather, and woven wool blankets, creates a sense of freedom to wander, even if it’s just from one room to the next.Nostalgic and timelessThose who love the best in life appreciate being surrounded by well-worn, timeless colors. Like a bookcase of leather-bound classics, colors such as deep Charcoal Blue (SW 2739), coppery Wheat Penny (SW 7705), and Ancestral Gold (SW 6407) offer the opportunity to create a stable, tasteful atmosphere grounded in the stability of tradition.Scene-stealing details There are those who don’t know the meaning of “less is more.” Passionate and eclectic, they have a calling to be unique and want their homes to be the same. Using bold pops of vivid color, such as bright Argyle (SW 6747) green and Positive Red (SW 6871), will bring maximum impact and lots of energy to a living room or dining space, while a strong, confident Majestic Purple (SW 6545) offset by bright whites will steal the show in a den or recreation room. Barefoot in the gardenNature lovers are happiest when they can connect with the wonder of the world in full bloom.


Colors with roots in the forest, such as Dard Hunter Green (SW 0041), Misty (SW 6232) gray, and Shiitake (SW 9173) brown, and even a passionate floral pink, bring to mind not only the great outdoors, but hothouses and conservatories that house these lush tones.Traders and nomadsGlobal colors that evoke the travels of traders, nomads, and explorers bring a larger world into the home to enjoy. Colors such as Dhurrie Beige (SW 7524), Black Bean (SW 6006), and Rustic Red (SW 7593) offer a perfect backdrop for exotic patterned fabrics, animal prints and handmade artisan accents.Using these colors will not only refresh the look of a home, but turn it into a place of renewal.


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